Delivery Options

We believe in providing you with the best training option to meet your needs. Our programmes and services are available in the following delivery methods:

Interactive Classroom Training

Our classroom training for small or large groups is available in half day, full day or two day options. Additionally, we offer mini workshops (60-90 minutes) that are perfect for skill builder sessions on a specific topic.

Remote Delivery

Increasing demands on everyone can often make it difficult to arrange for an individual or group of participants to get together in the same place at the same time. When face-to-face delivery is not an option, Global Training Specialists is able to provide remote training via the internet. This enables training to be delivered anywhere in the world – reducing the need for travel while also reducing demands on the global environment.


Global Training Specialists provides executive coaching programmes designed to guide and support executives through the cultural adaptation process, whether on overseas assignment, interating with clients from another culture, or when joining or managing an international team.

Our coaching programs can consist of a single session or a structured series of coaching sessions to provide greater self-awareness and the development and application of cross cultural competencies and skills.


When your needs go beyond our training and coaching services, we work with you to define your challenge, identify possible solutions, and achieve success. Some examples of our consulting services include:

● Building toolkits to embed cultural competence into your talent management processes and manage the impact of systemic biases on your global workforce.

● Cultural audits to examine your processes, projects, and practices with multicultural employees, clients, and partners.

● Industry specific research on trends and state-of-the-art management practices regarding cross-cultural, language, diversity, international project, and global assignment issues.

● Customized organizational development services, for international and multicultural organizations.