Tailored Solutions

At Global Training Specialists, we understand that doing business globally often means doing business differently. We work with clients to deliver special training, coaching and consulting solutions that match their goals and timeframe. Our experienced course designers will create a tailored framework and custom materials to specifically support your organisation’s performance improvement strategy.

As experienced facilitators, we believe in a ‘learn by doing’ approach. We develop interactive activities and business-specific skill exercises because we know that learning and change only ‘stick’ when they are transmitted in an enjoyable and interesting way. We design training, coaching and consulting solutions to support all learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic) while ensuring a high level of interaction in the form of discussions, presentations, and activities.

Global Training Specialists Tailored Solutions Process

1. Initial Assessment: This meeting will help us jointly determine your general requirements, budget, anticipated timing and the logistical information needed for our proposed solution.

2. Needs Analysis: We will perform interviews, develop questionnaires or set up meetings with learners to determine their current knowledge level and course expectations. This will also assist us in deciding on the best training methodology to meet your specific needs and goals.

3. Preliminary Proposal: Based on our initial assessment and needs analysis, we will submit a proposal that has been designed for your organisation. It is important that you examine this proposal to determine if the represented topics are applicable, if additional topics should be included, and if any irrelevant topics should be omitted. We will then solicit your feedback to apply to the subsequent steps of this process.

4. Final Proposal: Based on our preliminary proposal and your feedback, we will design and submit a final proposal for your approval.

5. Acceptance and Scheduling: Once we have your final approval of our proposed tailored training program, we will work with you to secure training dates and times that will work best for you.

6. Delivery: Your tailored, interactive training will be delivered exactly as we have planned and the topics of learning will be presented to your learners. During the training delivery, students will be encouraged to participate as much as possible to ensure that all desired outcomes are met and ongoing feedback will be solicited to guarantee the overall success of the class.

7. Follow Up: Post training we will follow up to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that your needs and goals have been met.