Multicultural Tourists Cropped

Providing International Tourists With Great Customer Experience

In an increasingly globalized world, visitors come from many different places. So why treat them all the same? Intercultural awareness, the ability to understand how diverse cultural values, beliefs and perceptions shape attitudes and behaviours is key to providing international tourists with great experiences. The hospitality and retail sectors, with more than 7 million international visitors having travelled to Ireland in 2014, are on the front lines of interacting with multicultural clients…

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Businesspeople Holding Jigsaw Puzzle

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Cultural diversity is often perceived as simply being nice to people from different cultures. While it is critical to treat people with respect, such an overly simplified attitude demeans the contribution of foreign nationals and expats within our communities. It also demonstrates a lack of understanding of the sophistication of skills and global knowledge that those who do not share our cultural background can offer. Going global requires leadership and…

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And for One Day, All the World is Irish

Here in Ireland we are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. For such a tiny island, its culture has been exported all over the world and on Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone is a wee bit Irish. To help understand why we celebrate St. Paddy’s (never St. Patty’s), here is a bit of history. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain in the 5th century and was forced into slavery in Ireland at age…

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