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Diversity & Inclusion Training

In today’s workplace, diversity and inclusion strategies must be job-relevant, skills-specific, and assist team members in understanding how unconscious bias negatively impacts everyone. Organizations that tie diversity and inclusion to their business strategy see an increase in performance and engagement across all departments and services.

At Global Training Specialists, we utilize a strategic and comprehensive diversity and inclusion process that is tied to the goals of the organization. The emphasis is on creating a supportive learning environment utilizing tools and training programs to help workers answer the question “What can I do to become aware of workplace differences and biases while taking personal responsibility for a more inclusive work environment?”

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Each employee can make an impact. Everyone matters.

Our consulting and training programs provide meaningful, relevant content and impactful delivery that assist organizations in tying diversity and inclusion to each team member’s role for:

– Understanding diversity and its role as a critical business and individual success factor.
– Gaining the key competencies for leading a diverse team, being a successful team member and serving customers from under-represented groups.
– Recognizing individual frames of reference and filters and understanding their impact on meeting personal and business objectives.
– Gaining skills for working productively and respectfully with all team members and customers and leveraging the talents, skills and experiences of everyone in order to meet individual and organizational goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Courses include:

– Diversity and Inclusion for Sr. Management
– Diversity and Inclusion for Team Leaders
– Building Inclusive Teams
– Recruiting, Developing and Retaining a Diverse Workforce
– Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Innovation
– Unconscious Bias Training

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