Multicultural Tourists Cropped

Providing International Tourists With Great Customer Experience

In an increasingly globalized world, visitors come from many different places. So why treat them all the same?

Intercultural awareness, the ability to understand how diverse cultural values, beliefs and perceptions shape attitudes and behaviours is key to providing international tourists with great experiences.

The hospitality and retail sectors, with more than 7 million international visitors having travelled to Ireland in 2014, are on the front lines of interacting with multicultural clients on a daily basis. Improving cultural competency skills helps maximize customer service, customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Cultural awareness training can ensure that hospitality and retail businesses deliver great experiences to international customers. And science has proven that happy customers spend more.

Because many elements of culture are not immediately apparent, it can be difficult to identify  different values, attitudes, expectations and behaviours. Yet understanding and accommodating these differences is the first step to welcoming international visitors.

Cultural awareness training helps:

  • Develop an awareness an knowledge of individual and world views, enabling appropriate cross-cultural behaviours and interactions.
  • Explore different communication styles – verbal, non-verbal, written, spoken, etc. – and how they impact exchanges.
  • Use knowledge acquired to develop attitudes, behaviours and strategies that can underpin great customer experiences for global customers.

Meeting the needs of international visitors is fundamental to the success of hospitality and retail businesses. With overseas visitors to Ireland expected to increase year-on-year, companies that invest in intercultural training now have an opportunity to grow revenue by ensuring great customer experiences.

To find out more about cultural awareness training for your company, contact us at Global Training Specialists for specific cultural competency training that responds to your specific needs and goals. View upcoming workshops in Dublin.

Elizabeth Douet is a certified trainer, coach and digital consultant active in intercultural initiatives and platforms that connect people on a global scale.

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