Managing International Teams Training

In order to be competitive, it is imperative that leaders are continually supported and developed to become agile and effective in the global marketplace. We have the expertise to support both new managers moving into international roles as well as more experienced managers who need focused support to enhance their abilities and knowledge.

Managing International Teams Training will benefit those who:

  • Manage international or intercultural teams
  • Are responsible for International Project Management
  • Manage or collaborate with colleagues or team members from other cultures
As business becomes more globalised and increasingly diversified, managers must be skilled in maintaining team cohesiveness and communications, establishing trust across cultures and countries while aligning team goals and processes.  Managing International Teams training equips managers with the necessary skills and ‘best practice’ toolkit to face the challenges of leading international teams while encouraging collaboration and innovation.

  • Managers of international or intercultural teams
  • Managers of international project teams
  • Workers that manage or collaborate with colleagues or team members from other cultures

All of our training programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Managing International Teams training typically addresses:

  • Intercultural issues in the workplace
  • Benefits and challenges of intercultural teamwork
  • Intercultural values and attitudes within teams
  • Strategies for international team building
  • Organisational culture
  • Strategies and solutions for effective teamwork
  • Achieving successful communication within your team
  • Using English as the language of international communication
  • How to cope with the challenges of virtual communication
  • Develop a greater awareness of the values, attitudes and behaviours of different cultures
  • More effective communication with colleagues from other cultures
  • Benefit practically from the different ideas and approaches of team members from other cultures
  • Plan and coordinate working in intercultural teams
  • Successfully manage intercultural conflict

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