Global Virtual Team Training

Globalisation and technology have made working internationally across virtual or remote teams a fact of business life. The success of global virtual teams, which communicate primarily through e-mail, instant messaging tools and videoconferencing, requires overcoming challenges in communication styles, cultural differences, goals and processes alignment and trust building.

Global Virtual Team Training benefits:

  • Anyone who is part of a global virtual or remote team and wants to work together more effectively
  • Staff interacting virtually with foreign offices as part of ongoing global operations and development
  • Managers that have responsibility for leading and managing remote teams
  • Companies that want to maximize productive value while leveraging diversity of global teams

Global Virtual Team Training involves:

  • Developing an understanding of the benefits and challenges of virtual global working
  • Addressing cross-cultural values and attitudes affecting virtual and remote working
  • Understanding cultural motivators that drive group goals, processes and accountability
  • Developing strategies to improve inter-team communications, strengthen relationships and build trust

Global Virtual Team Training is for all who:

  •  Are part of a global virtual or remote team and want to work together more effectively
  • Currently interact virtually with foreign offices as part of ongoing global operations and development.
  • Have responsibility for leading and managing remote teams
  • Want to maximize productive value and leverage diversity of individuals working remotely

All of our programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our Global Virtual Team Training typically addresses:

  • Identifying necessary conditions for successful global virtual team communications, trust building and motivation
  • Identification of appropriate technology to accommodate team goals, processes, monitoring and feedback
  • Awareness of multi-cultural communication and working styles of global team members
  • Increased understanding of your key message.
  • Increased follow-on discussion and exchange.
  • Better engagement with international colleagues, partners and clients.
  • Higher levels of team involvement, co-operation and growth.
  • Increased competency managing media relations in a global and/or crisis context.

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