Global Leadership Training

In order to be competitive, it is imperative that leaders are continually supported and developed in order to become agile and effective in the global marketplace. We provide a highly tailored approach to global leadership training which can be delivered on a one to one basis or to groups as part of a wider strategic leadership program. We have the expertise to support both new managers moving into international roles as well as more experienced leaders who need focused support to enhance their abilities as an effective global leaders.

Global Leadership Training will benefit:

  • Executives in global leadership roles
  • Leaders of multicultural teams
  • Leaders of international teams
  • Leaders of global operations

Intercultural competence involves adapting to cultural differences through increased intercultural sensitivity, developing an appreciation of multiple perspectives and an ability to behave appropriately and effectively in another cultural context- all necessary for an increasingly globalised business environment.

Intercultural competence training will benefit everyone who is:

  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Currently interacting with foreign nationals as part of a global virtual team
  • Thinking of establishing an overseas presence
  • Relocating overseas, alone or with family
  • Hiring foreign nationals
  • Hosting overseas visitors

All of our training programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Global Leadership Training typically addresses:

  • The dynamics of leading in an intercultural context
  • Understanding when and how to adapt your own leadership style
  • How intercultural issues manifest in the workplace
  • Developing a global mindset
  • Leading virtual and remote teams
  • Managing high performing multicultural teams
  • International teambuilding
  • International influence and negotiation skills
  • Motivating and communicating with your team
  • Managing your team’s performance
  • Increased awareness of intercultural issues and their affects in the workplace
  • A strong understanding of the dynamics of leading and managing in an intercultural context
  • Knowledge of when and how to adapt your own global leadership style
  • Practical tools and models to improve your performance

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