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How About An Ice Cold Stout?

Never, right? You’d quickly be on your way out of a pub if that was all they served. Thanks to Guinness Storehouse’s great ‘infotainment’ experience, millions of people the world over now know that the proper serving temperature of stout is 6-7 degrees centigrade. Cooler than room temperature, but never ice cold. With ‘Irish Pubs’ being a popular export to places as far flung as Siberia and Mongolia, there is a…

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Multicultural Tourists Cropped

Providing International Tourists With Great Customer Experience

In an increasingly globalized world, visitors come from many different places. So why treat them all the same? Intercultural awareness, the ability to understand how diverse cultural values, beliefs and perceptions shape attitudes and behaviours is key to providing international tourists with great experiences. The hospitality and retail sectors, with more than 7 million international visitors having travelled to Ireland in 2014, are on the front lines of interacting with multicultural clients…

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Opening the Door to Building Trust in China

With global economies shifting, China is becoming a major player in the global marketplace, and Western businesses must be able to build trusting relationships with their Chinese counterparts. But as cultural norms and business practices vary widely between Western and Chinese cultures, how are relationships formed and trust built? In the West, we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Trust is built as business relationships develop. But…

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