Who We Are

Global Training Specialists is an independent provider of intercultural training, consulting and coaching solutions. Our services develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes professionals need to interact successfully while working across countries abroad or across cultures at home.

How We Help You

Our intercultural training, consulting and coaching develops communication and behavior that is both effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions – saving businesses time, money and frustration while leveraging cultural diversity for innovation and growth.

Our Team

A collaborative initiative of global, intercultural, management and leadership training experts, Global Training Specialists is backed by more than 40 years of combined experience. Our training practices tap into a dynamic network of leading intercultural researchers, trainers and business leaders to remain current, innovative and highly interactive.

Our Associate Network

A network of associate training experts – specialists in their country-specific knowledge or experienced leaders in international leadership and management – are part of the Global Training Specialists team to design and deliver training, coaching and consulting solutions that meet your global business requirements. From our initial consultation with you, on through to delivery and follow-up, our experienced team works to deliver the best possible solution for your needs.


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Our Clients

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Gloabal Training specialists helps businesses and individuals working across cultures and countries to work smarter for better performance. We provide cultural tools, experience and knowledge to deliver cost-effective, tailored training, consulting and coaching services that improve business relations and collaboration.

Our client portfolio include businesses of all sizes and across multiple sectors – and individual professionals wanting to upskill for international roles.

Our clients include:

  • Companies with International Teams

  • Companies Exporting Products or Services

  • Companies Looking to Enter a Foreign Market

  • Companies with a Multicultural Work Force

  • Foreign Companies Working in Ireland

  • Human Resource Teams Supporting Global Mobility / Staff Expatriation

  • Professionals Living Outside Their Passport Country