We ensure that individuals and businesses have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in an increasingly global and multicultural environment.

Global Business – Our Specialty




Our specialised intercultural business training, consulting and coaching services
enable people to interact successfully with others from different backgrounds
while working across countries abroad or cultures at home.

Benefits of Intercultural Business Training

  • More Effective Communications

    Better relationships and team work with people from other cultures.

  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency

    An ability to perform confidently & effectively in other countries or with foreign nationals.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Strategic knowledge of foreign negotiations and business practices.

  • Better Global Understanding

    Country-specific information on the logic and customs of other cultures.

  • Increased ROI of international assignments

    Easier adjustment to living and working in a new environment.

  • Long Term Advantages

    Staff with the right skills, experience and attitude to meet future growth.

Delivery options to meet your needs

We believe in providing you with the best training option to meet your needs. Our programs and services are tailored to respond to your goals and working style. 


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Global Training Specialists is an independent provider of intercultural training, consulting and coaching solutions and is backed by more than 30 years of combined experience.